Luxury Homes

Selling a luxury property is an art and a science. It takes a balanced combination of effective marketing, orchestrated presentation, refined pricing and personal insight into what prospective owners will find valuable and most irresistible about your property.

Many agents do not understand the finer details of attracting and serving a luxury buyer. As a seller, you should expect your agent to offer:

  • A professional partnership that feels right and comfortable for both parties with an emphasis on respect for your time, priorities and goals
  • A strategic marketing and PR plan that presents your property among the best of the best. Selling a luxury home requires the equivalent planning, positioning and market analysis as any luxury brand.
  • Proper pricing based on current market conditions and a thorough understanding of your personal financial goals in relation to the property.
  • Honest advice about the factors that can enhance or detract from your home’s marketability. The qualities that make a home uniquely yours may also detract from a buyer’s ability to envision themselves living and entertaining in your home.
  • Upper-tier, quality presentation materials for your home, including professional photography, writing, and Web presence—as well as home staging and maintenance, if appropriate.
  • Refined negotiation skills—with the ability to close the deal to the highest satisfaction of all involved.
  • Open communication and availability—to keep you advised of showings, inquiries, marketing efforts, answer questions and discuss options.


Many agents seem to market themselves more than they market their properties. As your agent, I’m here to serve in the highest interest of your property.

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