2017 Real Estate Market Update

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Well, if you’ve been waiting the last few years for the best time to buy a home – you’ve already missed it!  And I’m willing to bet that if you are looking for the best time to sell, you will look back a year from now wishing you hadn’t waited. There are two components that affect a monthly mortgage payment …

Woodbury Luxury Home Sales

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Luxury home sales in Woodbury fell drastically in 2016 compared to 2015.  There were only 15 closed transactions in Woodbury over $700,000 in 2016 versus 30 closed sales the previous year.  Now more than ever you need to be working with a professional that has a proven track record in the upper-bracket!

Woodbury Neighborhood Statistics

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Woodbury’s housing market the last 12 months was the strongest since the “Great Recession”.  Home sales in Woodbury were up nearly 10% in 2015!  Many homeowners have finally built positive equity in their homes and are now able to move up to their next home, creating a robust housing market.  Low interest rates, low housing inventory and high buyer demand …

2015 Woodbury Housing Statistics

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There is some terrific news that has come out of the housing market in 2015!     Woodbury closed sales are up 21%! There is currently only a 3 months supply of inventory of homes on the market.             Overall in the Twin Cities closed sales are up 17% with a 4 months supply of …

Woodbury Neighborhood Stats 2014

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2014 was an interesting year in Woodbury.  The amount of new construction homes proved to be a challenge for traditional sellers to compete with and although sales were down 30% in 2014, the average sale price was up 7%.  This means buyers were willing to pay more for good, quality homes and they were willing to patiently wait for the …

2014 Woodbury Home Sales Year in Review

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Home sales in Woodbury didn’t reach the levels everyone expected this year.  As more and more homeowners gained the necessary equity in their homes needed to sell for a profit, inventory went up over 30%.  This combined with the flood of new housing inventory to compete with and the overall buyer activity down over 6%, created a drastic slowdown in …

Wade Sells More Luxury Homes in Woodbury Than Any Other Realtor

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The luxury market in Woodbury has picked up the last 12 months and I expect this trend to continue.  If you are considering selling your home in 2014, there are some important facts to consider before selecting an agent to represent you. First, there have only been 9 sales in Woodbury over $750,000 the last 12 months – Wade Hanson …

Woodbury, MN Luxury Homes

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Woodbury’s luxury home market continues to improve.  Towards the end of 2013 we began to see some “move up” activity in the market as more and more homeowners continue to come out from underwater in their current homes.  Wedgewood led the way with two of the most expensive homes sold in Woodbury in 2013 – both located on Wedgewood Point. …

What Happened to Woodbury’s Luxury Market in 2013?

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The average housing market is up dramatically in Woodbury compared to 2012 however; the luxury market has remained about the same year over year.  In 2013 we experienced a solid number of homeowners taking advantage of low interest rates and the buyer demand for the home they would need to sell to move up to their dream home. Here are …